my heart is still in love with the old you, no matter how much the new you are hurting me.

i don’t understand why my heart continues to live on the past ….maybe because that’s when I was the happiest.

my heart always loved enough for the both of us.

love is like gambling, going in there not knowing what to expect. in your mind you want to win . you give your all but lose . you try again but still lose. after losing a few times why not just give up and go home ? it’s hard to give up on something your addicted to .

i’m over it

over LOVE

over Lies

over men

over meaningless sex

I’m just sooo OVER IT !!

⁃ Summer Walker – Over it

How dare you ?!

How dare you sit right next to me and text her ? How dare you disrespect me like that ? How dare you lie in my damn face when I asked you ” Is there someone else?” you said ” no bruh “! HOW DARE YOU ?! She must be really important to you because you can’t wait until I’m not around to text her . I just want to scream in your face HOW DARE YOU !!!